Novena Appeal - Novitiate House - Tororo

Novena Appeal - Novitiate House - Tororo

Project Update: Seoul, South Korea

Project Update: Seoul, South Korea

prior's message

The sequence for Pentecost calls the Spirit the “soul’s most welcome guest.” It is as though something has been missing in our lives and with the arrival of the Spirit has come what we have been longing and waiting for. Of course, the Spirit is a welcome guest because this guest matches our soul. The Spirit is the divine presence, not as something or someone out there, but as the holy presence that is within us. The Spirit is God dwelling within our hearts, at the core of our being, the center and soul of who we are. With the Spirit we are complete.

The Spirit is the intimate side of God, God up close. The Spirit is the experience of the final break down of the barrier between God and the humans he created. God is essentially about relationship, hence for us Trinity. Spirit is the bond between the persons in relationship: relationships with the Father, with the Son and relationships between us human beings in his image. The Spirit holds us together, not crushing us but gently binding us into a whole where we can truly breathe freely, standing in our uniqueness yet not alone and separate. The Spirit is the guest who comes and dwells, stays close and helps us to cherish that which is unique and precious in each one of us. The Spirit is the guest who comes not empty-handed but bearing gifts a many so that binding us together we may reflect the richness and beauty of the Divine Presence. Come Spirit, com

~Fr. Joel Macul, OSB

Prayer Times:


Vigils & Lauds - 6:35 am
Holy Eucharist - 8:30 am
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 5:00 pm
Compline - 7:00 pm


Vigils & Lauds - 6:00 am
Holy Eucharist - 11:15 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30 pm
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 6:00 pm
Compline - 7:15 pm

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